Our Roads

Better access to safe roads and bridges brings better opportunities to West Feliciana residents. That’s why Parish President Kenny Havard has made infrastructure improvements his No. 1 priority since taking office.

A comprehensive study of the parish’ bridges shows:
• West Feliciana Parish has 46 parish bridges
– 28% received an “F” Grade
– 33% received a “D” Grade


A Start on the Solution:
Revenue gained from the proposed 25% rededication of the two existing one-half cent sales taxes would direct $600,000 each year to improving parish bridges, roads and drainage. Even with these new funds, the monies are insufficient to do all that is needed, so they must be prioritized. The parish will spend the monies on repairing “F” Grade bridges, roads and drainage projects that are not currently being repaired with one-time FEMA or Louisiana DOTD grants, including 18 local timber bridges.

•  Of the parish’s 18 timber bridges – 10% are currently closed, 50% are under state order to be repaired.  The average cost to repair a timber bridge is between $25,000 and $40,000, not including the piling requirements.

• Of the parish’s 235 miles of roads – less than 1% meets the state DOTD standards for width, creating problems for emergency vehicles and school buses

Work is already underway on those bridges and drainage projects that are being repaired with
FEMA (90%) and matching state funds (10%):
• Island Road Bridge — $1.4 million
• Jacock Road Bridge — $1.2 million
• Plettenberg Bridge (Over Polly Creek) — $1.4 million
• Hardwood Drainage Phase I — $208,000
• Solitude Drainage (*Awaiting FEMA approval)

Those bridges being replaced by Louisiana DOTD funds:
• Sligo Road Low-Water Bridge
• Peterson Road Bridges (3 bridges)